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A Personal Journal
by Melanie Anne Phillips


Part One ~ Transition

Book One:

Raised By Wolves

Volume One:

A Spy In Their Midst

Chapter One ~ Point of Departure

Chapter Two ~ Prick of the Needle

Chapter Three ~ Your Mother's Mustache

Chapter Four ~ Histories

Chapter Five ~ Virginity Lost

Chapter Six ~ The House of God

Volume Two:

Sometimes I'm Mistaken For A Man

Chapter Seven ~ Role Rehearsal

Chapter Eight ~ Flashback

Chapter Nine ~ Tinsel Town

Chapter Ten ~ Hollywood & Vine

Chapter Eleven ~ Split Personality

Chapter Twelve ~ Nine Months

Chapter Thirteen ~ Death of a Hamster

Chapter Fourteen ~ Universal Truths

Chapter Fifteen ~ Alley Cat

Volume Three:

Across The Great Divide

Chapter Sixteen ~ Dave's Not Here...

Chapter Seventeen ~ Mental Relativity

Chapter Eighteen ~ Second Childhood

Chapter Nineteen ~ My Fathers, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Chapter Twenty ~ The Biber Belt

Chapter Twenty One ~ The Countdown Begins...

Chapter Twenty Two ~ Jitters

Chapter Twenty Three ~ A Coming Off Party

Chapter Twenty Four ~ Closure

Book Two:

Boiled In Oil

Volume One:

The Promised Land

Chapter Twenty Five ~ Back from the Brink

Chapter Twenty Six ~ Virginity Lost: Reprise

Chapter Twenty Seven ~ Babe In Toyland

Chapter Twenty Eight ~ Living In Fantasyland

Chapter Twenty Nine ~ The Press

Chapter Thirty ~ Prelude to Chaos: Angel in the Park

Chapter Thirty One ~ Come Chaos: Armageddon Lite

Chapter Thirty Two ~ The "Other" Sex

Chapter Thirty Three ~ A Change in Perspective

Volume Two:

Broken Promises

Chapter Thirty Four ~ The View from the Mirror

Chapter Thirty Five ~ Storm Clouds

Chapter Thirty Six ~ Double Image

Chapter Thirty Seven ~ Cinderella Liberties

Chapter Thirty Eight ~ On The Rocks

Chapter Thirty Nine ~ Hangover

Chapter Forty ~ Of Two Minds

Chapter Forty One ~ Wishing for Nothing

Chapter Forty Two ~ Dancing to a Different Tune

Chapter Forty Three ~ Feet of Clay

Volume Three:

A New Covenant

Chapter Forty Four ~ Relationships 101

Chapter Forty Five ~ O.J.'s Last Run

Chapter Forty Six ~ Winding Up, Winding Down


Book Three:

Skinned Alive

Volume One:

Innocence Lost

Chapter Forty Seven ~ First Blood

Chapter Forty Eight ~ Occam's Razor

Chapter Forty Nine ~ Stabbed In The Back

Chapter Fifty ~ A Cut Above

Chapter Fifty One ~ The Double Edged Sword

Chapter Fifty Two ~ Under The Knife

Chapter Fifty Three ~ The Unkindest Cut Of All

Volume Two:

Innocence Sought

Chapter Fifty Four ~ Mr. W. Squared

Chapter Fifty Five ~ Crucible of the Past

Chapter Fifty Six ~ Chicken Schick Razor

Chapter Fifty Seven ~ Harebrained Schemes

Chapter Fifty Eight ~ Et Tu, Brute -or- Stabbed in the Back - Again!


Volume Three:

Innocence Reborn

Chapter Fifty Nine ~ Licking Old Wounds

Chapter Sixty ~ Art and Soul

Chapter Sixty One ~ Setting The Record Straight

Chapter Sixty Two ~ Giving Up / Giving In

Chapter Sixty Three ~ Fantasies

Chapter Sixty Four ~ Revelations

Chapter Sixty Five ~ Desperately Seeking Closure

Chapter Sixty Six ~ Full Spiral

Epilog to Part One:

The Stuff Of Dreams

Part Two ~ Transformation

Book Four:

After Life

Volume One:


Chapter Sixty Seven ~ Licked by the Flames

Chapter Sixty Eight ~ Into the Fire

Chapter Sixty Nine ~ All Consuming

Chapter Seventy ~ Smokin'!

Chapter Seventy One ~ Stokin'!

Chapter Seventy Two ~ Smolderin'!

Chapter Seventy Three ~ Flash!

Chapter Seventy Four ~ Incandescence

Volume Two:


Chapter Seventy Five ~ Unfinished Business

Chapter Seventy Six ~ A New Journey

Chapter Seventy Seven ~ The Passionate Self

Chapter Seventy Eight ~ An Unexpected Visit

Chapter Seventy Nine ~ Two Roads

Chapter Eighty ~ A Pretty Path in Purgatory

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - Transition vs. Transformation

Chapter Eighty One ~ Grizabella

Chapter Eighty Two ~ Drama Queen

Chapter Eighty Three ~ The Naked Stage

Chapter Eighty Four ~ Everybody Must Get Honed

Chapter Eighty Five ~ Trailblazer

Chapter Eighty Six ~ Overacting

Chapter Eighty Seven ~ Overreacting

Chapter Eighty Eight ~ Man in the Pocket

Chapter Eighty Nine ~ Supporting Role

Chapter Ninety ~ Cleaning House

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - About Face

Chapter Ninety One ~ Road Show

Chapter Ninety Two ~ An Expected Visit

Chapter Ninety Three ~ The More Things Change....

Chapter Ninety Four ~ Melanie is a Fucking Asshole

Chapter Ninety Five ~ Blah, Blah

Chapter Ninety Six ~ You Are What You Ain't

Chapter Ninety Seven ~ Melanie Whines Again

Chapter Ninety Eight ~ The Secret of Self Worth

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - Sense of Self

Chapter Ninety Nine ~ The Night Before

Chapter One Hundred ~ Closing the Gap

Volume Three:


Chapter One Hundred One ~ Born Again, For the First Time

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - Reincarnation

Chapter One Hundred Two ~ Hangtown Justice Fudge

Chapter One Hundred Three ~ Awakenings

Chapter One Hundred Four ~ Anti-Déjà Vu

Chapter One Hundred Five ~ Puppet Head

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - Hiding Behind Your Self

Chapter One Hundred Six ~ A Fantasy Past for the Animated Corpse ~or~ The Double Bugaboo

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - The Holy Freakin' Grail

Chapter One Hundred Seven ~ Where it Stands

Chapter One Hundred Eight ~ Where it Ends

Book Binder

~ And Alexander Wept, for there were No More Worlds to Conquer ~

Book Five:


Journey's End Home Page
The Beginning of the End

First Iteration
Lay of the Land

Second Iteration 
How I got here

Third Iteration 
Windows of Gold

Fourth Iteration 
By Way of Apology

Fifth Iteration 
Along the Road to Knowhere

Sixth Iteration 
Male Privilege

Seventh Iteration 
Female Privilege

Eighth Iteration 
Journey's End

Book Six:

Volume One

The Destruction of Melanie Anne

Volume Two

The Phoenix

Volume Three

A Tale of Two Identities

Epilog to Part Two

After Image



The Luminary


Table of Contents

Copyright Melanie Anne Phillips



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