melanie anne phillips






Closing your eyes to the big sleep.

The Company Song
Nose to Grindstone.

The Lost Word

The Cosmic Flea
Our place in the Grand Scheme.

Cosmic Flea Too
Into the hopper.

Guyana Dreamin'
Dedicated to Jim Jones and the People's Temple

Pried Pride
Loosen up!

The Day After Christmas
A carol for the Nuclear Family in a Nuclear Winter.

The Family Jail
Stronger personalities, they bury you alive.

Diverse uniformity.

All You Love Is Need
Emotional Economics 101.

Tarnished Karma
Your Karma ran over my Dogma.

Morning Gold
She kept getting hung-up on the wire.

Too Old to Die Young:
Creme de lament.

Free Fall
Five untitled poems written at thirty thousand feet.

Two A.M., Can't Sleep, Rain on the Way...
Mel, atonin'...

Circle and Square
What goes around comes around.

A short visual poem.

The Paradox that Lurks the Lochs
Caught in the undercurrent.

In Verse
What goes around, goes around.

Newtonian Physics
Suddenly wisdom descended on me.

I Have Seen The Future
He went to find the answer that no one ever does.

Rose's House
Something is going down.

The Hermit
Here's to the fungus that lives between his toes.