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Personal Recordings – Volume 1 – 12/25/1986

Staring on Christmas Day of 1986, I began a series of recordings on a micro-cassette recorder, which was “new tech” at the time. ┬áMary had given me the device as my Christmas present – something I had asked for, and it turned out to be one of my most precious gifts, for it allowed me to capture all the music I was writing, to document the experience of my transition from male to female, and to preserve the immediate creation of critical thinking concepts while developing the Dramatica Theory of Narrative and carrying that beyond into models of narrative psychology and even into the realm of physics from theoretical to sub atomic.

Here is the first of these which is pre-transition and has some music and more than a few bad jokes.  Please note that the tapes transferred at about 10% faster than they were recorded so they are about 1/2 octave higher in pitch than the originals, giving everything a slight chipmunk sound.

Play below:

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Original Recording by Melanie Anne Phillips from 12/25/1986