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A Jumble of My Old Facebook Posts…

Showed up in my Facebook memories today…

The Amish are actually the architects of the matrix in which we all live, for who would look there for the source?

An updated version of Moby Dick called Moby Duck and the odd tattooed fellow would be called Quequack. Am I right?

Do you suppose that each time your soul returns, it is coated in another layer of armor to protect it from corruption, or do you suppose the most layers of protection are given to the new souls who need it the most, and peeled away life after life as we grow to be able to handle more on our own?

I know you’re frustrated, but we’re all part of the great wheel of society, and you’re an important spoke! If even one spoke doesn’t do its job, the wheel can break, and the whole wagon of humanity can come crashing down in disorder and chaos: no progress, no forward motion, nothing left but heap of shattered dreams. — Thought this might be a good monolog for me to use in a movie script someday. Kind of like, Warren Beatty’s speech to “Howard Beale” in Network…

The “Owzers” are a race of small invisible creatures that cause children to bump their knees, skin their elbows and stub their toes. When they succeed, they giggle hysterically at a pitch so high no human can hear them. — Beginning to a children’s book I hope I never write…

Everybody’s talking about the presidential debate but nobody’s doing anything about it.

Facebook Einstein

Here’s a few verses I tooled out today…

Facebook Einstein,
Trying to make the Prime Time,
Cranking out his theories
To an audience of one.

Really has an insight,
Never gets the bright light,
Pounding out epiphanies
is work that’s never done.

Can’t take a vacation
Trying to save the nation,
If only folks would notice,
but answer came there none.

Bleeding out in sound bites,
feeding cyber skin mites,
He’s only finally noticed
when his daily posts are gone.


Just had an idea for a children’s book entitled, “If I were a sheep.” Here’s the first coupla lines:

If I were a sheep,
I’d shuffle off to sleep,
In my built-in woolen blanket.

And if I were ewe,
I’d know just what to do:
I’d grab another sheep and spank it.

Rotating Cubes and Built-In Uncompletion

There’s a virtual cube as a screensaver on my LG 3D TV. It rotates clockwise, then blinks out for a moment to reappear somewhere else on the screen, still rotating. Or is it? Does the algorithm continue the rotation pattern during the blanking phase, or does it simply repeat itself for a short span from place to place on the screen? Looking closely I see that each time it reappears, it is, in fact, already in motion, but the edge of the cube is always in the same starting¬†point as it turns. Then, looking at where it fades out, an edge it coming around. But, if I project that motion over the time of the blanking out, like continuing a song in your mind when you walk out of a room where it is playing and then back in again, I find that the edge on the right does not have time to reach the starting point of the edge on the left for the spin algorithm to have continued during the blanking period. They might have just continued the on-screen spin but a little longer and the gap would have been right, so even if it was just a repeat of the same small segment and not a true algorithmic spin, you could never tell – it would be identical because the timing would line up perfectly. Yet they chose not to do that and just to let it not quite match up and, therefore, clearly be nothing more than a simple repeat. All that programming work and still to leave such an easily remedied flaw – a lack of completion – a jarring reset at each repetition. Why would they do that?

The Wrong End of the Rabbit Hole

Here’s something I wrote a couple of years ago on Facebook that just came up in my “memories” feed:

You ever find yourself thinking about some detail when suddenly you pull up a level to see the project in which that detail resides? And then you pop up one more level and see the goal that the project is just part of, and then the lifestyle improvement the goal will enable, and then the lifestyle choice, then the life plan and all of a sudden you pop up all the levels until you are looking back at that detail as if through the wrong end of a telescope. And slowly, you look up from that telescope and look around, and see this moment, and realize it might be your last or the very first of many more. And the sun shines and the breeze blows and you feel the love you have for those you hold most dear… And then you realize you have to eat, keep a roof over your head and take care of the kids and/or prepare for the day when you can’t take care of yourself any longer. And you grab the wrong end of the telescope with both hands and, struggling against all the gravity-like forces trying to pull you back into the moment, you claw your way back down the rabbit hole toward that horrid little detail and embrace it as if it was a long lost friend. Because you have to. Yeah, it’s Monday.