In 1991, my writing partner and I developed a new theory of narrative structure called Dramatica.  Since it is really a model of narrative psychology, we have been employed at times by the CIA, the NSA, the NRO and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to apply our model to understand the motivations of terrorists and terror organizations and to project their likely behavior.

Major corporations and organizations from car companies to sports teams have worked with us to analyze their markets, customers, advertising campaigns, and even to help refine their corporate identities as well as their internal department narratives.

Still the most popular application of our model is in the creation of narrative structures for fiction, where Dramatica has been used in all media from best-selling novels to critically acclaimed and blockbuster motion pictures with collective box office returns in the billions of dollars.

The most accessible venues to our theories are the book we wrote entitled, Dramatica: A New Theory of Story, and the Dramatica software we designed which encodes our model of narrative into a patented interactive Story Engine what works with an author to design a perfect structure for their story intentions.

Here is a link to our theory book in PDF format, which you can download at no charge:

Dramatica: A New Theory of Story

The following link will take you to the Dramatica theory home page where you can see more than 100 hours of streaming videos and audio programs about the theory, as well as providing access to hundreds of articles on specific narrative topics as well:

Dramatica Theory Home Page

And here is a link to our software, which you can try for 90 days risk-free:

Dramatica Story Structuring Software

In addition, over the years I have written many essays on story structure and storytelling, which are available on the two blogs linked to below:


The Storymind Writers Library

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